School Reviews

I graduated in 2011, and I m now studying to become a PE teacher there. I have a great relationship with the teachers, students, (hopefully in the future with parents), and administrative staff here. When I first started the school in grade 6, I didn t know a single word in English and only spoke French. The principal took care of me, made sure that I was helped and assisted with learning English first before I was ready to attack on the rigorous courses that High School has to offer. She put me in classes with teachers who knew French and she ensured that I learned the English language. As time went by, my relationships with the teachers there grew and I can truly say that they all liked me and I liked them also (well most of them, NOT all). And I made some friends once I knew English and spoke and wrote it proficiently. I played football, soccer, wrestling, and other extra curricular activities after school. The courses taught there are tough but they really prepare you for college. CHEC is also one of the best public schools in DC. The building was new when I went there 10 years ago and I believe that it s still clean and nice. There s little to no gang activity or violence in the school or within the campus area. If I lived near the area, I would definitely allow my daughter to attend this school.

Academically the school is rigorous and does prepare you well for college however, being that I am a concerned parent I have observed how certain staff individuals in higher positions act arrogant with both parents and other staff members. I am appalled by how a school who ensures equality to all does not take the same stance with its staff members and parents. The fact of the matter is that without the parents, fenomenal office staff and wonderful educators the school would not be where it is.

i'mm a student at Bell and the only thing i can say is I LOVE IT!!

I am a Junior at BELL MULTICULTURAL SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL (C.H.E.C) CLASS OF 2014. The principal MS. T one of the strong principal who stick to her philosophic views how a SCHOOL should be run and how student should be taught. This school has taught me to take a rigorous path that will challenge you to work hard in the future. I like how the school pushes you to take at least 2 AP college board classes and how they make you take capstone to prepare you for college and work one on one with you on essay and how they offer early college to student to get the credits for college. Another thing i like is the college career center where they help you prepare for your career that you want to study and they really stick to that. If parent are considering this school for your child. I really would say do it. The asst. principals are really helpful they can answer your question 9 of 10 times. The counselors try their best to get you to go to college if not a four year at least a community college. And the teachers are really nice and sticks to there subject areas. if people ask I will say security is always present and personally feel safe a C.H.E.C. I will say its a COLLEGE PREPARATORY SCHOOL

I am currently a student at bell, and I've met some of the best staff on this planet. Bell legitimately cares about where it's students will head after high-school and hold you to nothing short of your best. With great scholarship opportunities, and a warm and friendly diverse community, Columbia Heights Educational Campus truly proves to be a great high school. Those with negative divergent views on Bell's curriculum were obviously not up to their high standards. @ CHEC Class of 2013, the greatest class on the face of the planet.

I am a former student of Bell Multicultural High School. I completed my freshman year and half of my sophomore year there until I was transferred to School Without Walls, a much better school. Anyways, back to the point, Bell is a school where grades and test scores are the most important thing. Forget about how a student feels about anything, they do not care. The only thing the staff cares about at Bell is its reputation. They treat all their students like little kids and give them little to no say in anything that goes on in school. I feel as if schools should have a family environment where everyone is free to voice their opinions if it means bettering the school, but no at Bell students are nothing more than teenagers that have to listen to the adults and do exactly what they say if not you will be put out and that's the end of it. Overall, I think Bell is a reputation hungry, close-minded, degrading school.

THE Best school in DC. The environment is hands down perfect foe teens to hang and do their best in school. :)

What a great school. The environment is outstanding and love the diversity.

i agree with the review under me. im am rite now a freshman at Bell and its true because yes they give educational guidance but the teachers always focus on the kids that are not there to learn and not on the kids who are there too learn something we barely get to have a non-uniform day....!