School Reviews

The whole experience is brilliant. I am a foreign exchange student from the UK, here at Latin as a senior and there is nothing like it...even the bins are brilliant!

I've been here ever since 5th grade and rising junior at the moment. I've never been more happy with how my learning has increased and the great opportunities that I've been given here, internships over the summer, scholarships, opportunities to compete in debates against schools. These opportunities are amazing. The classical education is extremely strong in this school and teachers are always there to give you support in struggling classes. The teachers are always supportive and will always be at your side and will never let you suffer alone, especially with grades. it's an amazing school!

How can this school have a community rating of five? There are parents and children excluded from attending this school. There are children attending this school that don't reside in this community.

Washington Latin has definitely made a lasting impression on my overall academic career, both in negative and positive ways. The community is close-knit and tight, which was both good and bad. The emphasis on classical education is a strong one; however, it often pushed other equally interesting and important subjects out of the way. Many of the teachers legitimately care about teaching kids and do so with passion. There are also teachers that demonstrate a low interest in their job and care very little about their subject. The leaders of the school have many good intentions, but also show nepotistic bias in terms of employment.

Washington Latin has been a home to our son for three years. The administration is committed to meeting every student's needs, which, for him, means challenging him beyond grade level. We're grateful that his teachers have always been smart and passionate educators who quite obviously love teaching -- they respect his intellect, and appreciate his quirky personality. If you are hoping to raise a confident, curious, and engaged citizen of the world, Latin is the school for you. Children blossom at Latin, and it's getting stronger every year.

This is my son's first year at Latin, he is in the 6th grade. He loves it and so do I. Overall, my son has shown great achievement and progress in his subjects. He will be there until the 12th grade for sure!

This is my son first year at Washington Latin and I'm very pleased with the school and the teachers.

WLPCS is an excellent school. My son started there last year as a 5th grader and his transformation in one year has been miraculous. He had a great year, got really good grades, but most importantly, developed a love for learning. He's very motivated to study and learn, and adores almost all his teachers. This morning at breakfast he was trying to convince his 3rd grade sister to come to WLPCS because "it's a great school." There aren't too many great middle school options in DC; we are feel very lucky to have gotten into this one!

I am so glad that Washington Latin is Public school (not Private). This is our third year at Latin and we LOVE IT !!!! Washington Latin became a part of our family. The faculty care about our kids, the teachers go the extra mile and the school is diverse.

My son has attended this school since 5th and is now in 8th grade. He's had outstanding teachers every year, and has always had a great group of friends in each grade who enjoy learning and think it's cool to be smart. He's an honors student there and is now taking two languages and loves it. I find that most teachers are very passionate about their mission to not only educate students but to also encourage students to seek out opportunities to learn on their own. Students are seen as individuals and the small class sizes help ensure that each child is heard every day. I love that Latin doesn't teach to the tests, and rather, does a good job of raising the bar for all of its students. I went to the Grand Opening of the beautiful new campus in the Old Rudolph Building and again was impressed (but not surprised) by the student speaker, the honors choir, and the many students shown in a brief film about the school. Martha Cutts and her team along with the support of many many parents who helped the school locate a permanent home have done a marvelous job of making this a school that we'd gladly continue to attend through high school.