School Reviews

One of the worst high schools in the District of Columbia. The school is a farce, There is no learning taking place, just look at the performance report from the DC public charter board. They spend more money focusing on public relations than any school in the District. This is reflected by bogus glossy "5" stars online reviews. Do your research before sending your child to the "school." The "school" is driven by egotistical political minded individuals who are very determine to make power moves in education Washington, D.C and on a national level. It is like a pyramid scheme/bubble, it would soon collapse.

Strong teachers and wonderful teacher training that I've witnessed. Smaller class sizes. Not enough focus on science, art, and language in lower grades. Strong academics in high school with AP options. Graduating students earned many collage scholarships.

I absolutely LOVE Haynes!! My child has been at Haynes for 4 years now; since the 1st grade and she will graduate from Haynes when she is a HS senior. A big Thank You to all staff, parents and students for making this school as awesome as it is!!!

We are enjoying PK3 at Haynes and look forward to next year. I wish there was more emphasis on language, currently they have Spanish twice a week, but other than that we are very happy. We may venture to private school for Middle and/or High School but to be able to get 7 years of good free elementary education is very encouraging.

I dont want to discredit EL Haynes and the amazing staff there... I only chose to write a review for this school because I think there are some things that parents should be clear on before choosing this school. My child has attended E.L. Haynes for PK3 and PK4 2012-2014. My child's first year was great! He excelled quickly and reached new milestones early even. However upon the second year, I felt the effects of having a mixed PK3 and PK4 classroom. I dont feel like my child had the same progression educationally as the previous year. Students attending PK3 are allowed to enroll as long as they turn 3 by September - and of course PK4 with children approaching 5. I find it difficult to be able to teach ALL children on each individual academic level (as they say they do) with ONE certified teacher and 2 aids in the classroom and children whom are 2 mixed with those who are 4-5. In my opinion that gap between age is too broad to group them together under the same curriculum umbrella. In my opinion the school is out entirely too much during the year (for staff development days) in addition to "intersessions".

E. L. Haynes is an outstanding school. The leadership, teachers, and support staff all work from the focal point of what is best for the student. They have teachers who are implementing cutting edge evidenced based techniques and strategies in their classrooms that keep students engaged, require students to think critically, self reflect, and take shared ownership over their learning process. My child is eager to get to Haynes everyday to BE KIND, WORK HARD and GET SMART!

Although our local elementary school is a "10" according to this ranking, we desperately wanted (and miraculously got) a spot for our child to attend Haynes. We couldn't be happier. The teachers are tireless, working so each child gets what they need. We have one child who is not up to the standards and one who is above them, and both of them get the individualized support they need. The physical plant of the building is lovey, and the expansion and renovation of the outside area is going to make this a gem of a place competing with the private schools in the area. I wish class sizes were smaller (22-24 now) but there are aides in each class. The founder/principal is an impressive person who remains committed to innovation and excellence. I hope we can stay here through high school.

The quality of education is far and away the best DC has to offer. I was so happy the day my daughter got in as I knew she was going to get the absolute best teachers and school there was.

The school provides outstanding teacher for every student, every year. Thay have extensive educational programming outside of school hours, they really go above and beyond.

Amazing teacher/student ratio and dedicated staff make this the best school in the district by far!! Their test scores are above the district average and I have heard nothing but praise from other parents.