School Reviews

This school has become a joke, and I am glad it is shutting down. Several teachers in the building cannot control their classes. For two second grade classes, they had to place special ed. teachers into the classes so they could help the teachers control the kids. The resident principal is sorely unqualified for the job and should be delivering pizzas. He tells these teachers they are awesome and favors the ones with whom he is friends--one of which tells her children to shut up, and teaches incorrect math. Does he have any degrees at all? The real principal has one foot out the door.

Absolutely love this school! i transferred my child from WEDJ elementary because of the lack of professionalism and the way that the staff treated the children was careless in my opinion. I must say, since my child has been at CAPS, academically my child has progressed so much. The teachers really care and are really dedicated to the children. I love the fact that the level of communication is high here. The sped program and staff are amazing. It's very obviously that all the staff here take pride in teaching the children and seeing that they excel in life. I would definitely recommend this school.

My son has progressed tremendously over the 8 months he has attended this school. They make every attempt to meet his individual needs at all time. He is so happy there. He absolutely loves his school some Saturday mornings he asks Mommy can I go to school today? This is a school full of dedicated staff who genuinely care. :)