School Reviews

Terrific. This is our 5th year at Bancroft and we cannot imagine our children being at another school. It is their second family - a wonderful vibrant (not calm!) community of teachers and family. And the bilingual education is a huge bonus. It isn't a perfect school - it is an urban diverse public school - but that is also what makes it fantastic.

School has hard working teachers, and wonderful student and family population. Leadership leads lots to be desired: not accomodating and mistreat staff. Hard working teachers is what drives this school, not the leadership. I would look at other options when choosing this as a place to work or send my child.

My husband and I had a difficult choice, as we were accepted at Eaton -- a well regarded school where some of our Mt Pleasant neighbors send their kids. We are very happy with our choice to stay at Bancroft, the local school nestled against Rock Creek Park. We love the bilingual immersion program and the new "tools of the mind" curriculum -- a UN approved approach to teaching real life skills and self-regulation (making intentional, considered choices etc.) The focus the school puts on gardening / growing food and field trips was also a huge plus. Bancroft does a fantastic job at uniting racially, ethnically and economically diverse groups: we have become involved in the PTA to help the school improve its test scores, which mask how wonderful this school is. I think Bancroft could be the next Oyster.

This school is a hidden gem. My daughter has had a very successful school year. She is in the PS-3 immersion class. Neither my husband or I are Spanish speakers and my daughter is pretty fluent. I could not have had selected better teachers. The aftercare program is good and well organized. The teachers do a wonderful job with the kids. The PTA is strong and active. I have enjoyed the kids and parents we have met this year. There are tons of family and student events happening through the school year. All have been fun and VERY well organized. The school itself could use a facelift, but that is minor to me. The education my daughter has received has been top notch this year and this coming from someone who has been a professional in education for over 10 years in one of the best area districts. My husband and I were drawn to Bancroft because it is bilingual and I really want to support neighborhood schools. However, if we were dissatisfied we would have pulled her and sent her to another school. Luckily we are very happy and plan to send our son to Bancroft in another year. Take a chance on this school, you will not be sorry.

We have been pleased with the school as a whole and very impressed with her teacher in particular. The PS 3 immersion class is wonderful and we love that we walk to school and see friends and neighbors along the way. It really makes you feel part of a smaller community.

I have lived within a few blocks of Bancroft since I was a college student, and I am now pleased to be sending my older child there. The dual language/Spanish immersion is a wonderful opportunity for both native English and Spanish-speaking children. The atmosphere is especially friendly and warm. I hope to see continued innovation in their programs and support for the hard-working staff.

I love Bancroft's nurturing and supportive environment. The bilingual program is fantastic, too. Staff and administration are always available to answer questions and address concerns.

I love the interaction that the school have with the children as well as the local community!

This school has done a wonderful job with my son. I am very pleased and would recommend it to everyone